Stop throwing away dollars every month on disposable paper mirror tags! Show your customers that you care!

The GR-78 Mirror Tag System is a reusable mirror tag system that consists of a 5.5” X 8.75” durable Mirror Tag with large 3 digit numbering on both sides. Each tag includes a matching removable and reusable Key Tag that easily attaches to the customers keys. The Key Tags also have blank areas to write the customers name and lot location of the vehicle using a Sharpie which can be wiped clean after each use with alcohol or brake cleaner.

The kit also includes your choice of Advisor Tags or Team Tags to effectively communicate between the Service Advisors and the Service Technicians.

The Advisor Tags are preprinted and attach along the bottom of the mirror tag to let the technician know of any special requirements.

The Team Tags are multi-colored and blank to allow the Service Advisors to write messages to communicate with the Service Technicians using a Sharpie

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